Common Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

For those not in the know, the idea of hiring a private investigator might sound like something right out of a film noir, but in reality, private investigations services can be useful in a wide range of practical, every-day scenarios. Read on to find out about a few of the reasons that clients choose to contract the services of private investigators.

Background Investigations

Many employers choose to run background checks on their job candidates, as it can help them decide whether a candidate is truly fit for the position. Private investigators can obtain everything from criminal records to known aliases, business associations, and more.

Comprehensive background investigations also include things like employment history, liens and judgment histories, property records, bankruptcy records, professional licenses and certifications, UCC filings, federal and state civil litigation and prior addresses. They can even include the department of motor vehicle driver's histories to help employers vet their candidates as thoroughly as possible.

Due Diligence Investigations

Many public records repositories, archives, and databases are publicly available, but that doesn't mean that the average person is capable of performing a due diligence investigation on an individual or a company. Hiring a professional to perform due diligence investigations on companies and corporations can be helpful to businesses and individuals looking to anticipate risks and enhance their positions in negotiations. It can also be instrumental in preserving a company or individual's brand, reputation, and integrity.

Matrimonial Investigations

Spouses who are considering filing for divorce can make use of the services provided by a private investigator to uncover hidden assets and prove misconduct in cases where infidelity, child endangerment, or financial misconduct come into play. This can give them leverage in the litigation process, helping to ensure the best possible results in court.

General Investigations

The above-listed investigations are certainly not a comprehensive list of reasons that someone would seek out the services of a private investigator. Private investigators also handle things like general corporate investigations, pre-litigation investigations, and computer forensic investigations. These services can be invaluable to anyone who needs proof of misconduct or an upper hand in negotiations.

Executive Protection Services

Investigations and background checks aren't the only services provided by private investigators. Some companies and individuals can also provide discreet and high-quality executive protection services. These comprehensive services include everything from risk assessment to travel planning in addition to protective services at home, in the office, at events, and even abroad.

Learn More Today

These are just a few of the valuable services offered by John Cutter Investigations and other similar organizations. Potential clients who believe they may stand to gain from hiring a private investigator or an executive protection service can follow this link for more information.


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